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  1. RN says:

    Hi Consultant,

    I am planning to work Singapore soon, and my company is located in “Sqauare” which is closed to Changi Business Park. I want to find a small size studio apartment in Simei. Could you please find me a rental price of a small studio apartment below $1000?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hi RN,

    I am afraid it is impossible to find a studio apartment for rent below S$1000. To benchmark, around that area an HDB common room goes for 700 SGD plus and a master room goes for 850 SGD. If your budget is below, you should go for a room rent.

  3. alex says:

    Hi AS ,

    What about 1000-1500 ?
    will it possible ? East Area .


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